“Tips for Success from the Best of the Best!"

—James Brady
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“What distinguishes Boggs' book from the usual motivational rubbish is that the guy's really been there, done that himself. That's what freshens and vitalizes chapters with such titles as "The Path to Success … the Mind-sets of Success … the Practices of Success … the Challenge of Success … Advice for Success," and how Bill gets all these famous folk to open up. He's got the interviewer's gift. And every so often you run across a jewel that begins, "Frank Sinatra once said something to me that...”


“Four-time Emmy winner Boggs hosts the New York talk show Midday Live with Bill Boggs for Metromedia and FOX, created and hosts Bill Boggs Corner Table on the Food Network, and has been a game-show host, news anchor, and featured columnist for The Good Life magazine, the New York Times, and other publications. He has interviewed an impressive list of notable personalities during his 25-year career, including presidents, international leaders, athletes, writers, and movie stars. Setting out to define the factors that determine success in high-profile fields, he spoke to 44 individuals and got 44 versions of what it takes to reach the top. Interviewees such as Mario Cuomo, Diane Von Furstenberg, Renee Zellweger, Sir Richard Branson, Clive David, Jeff Zucker, Joe Torre, and others reveal sides of their personalities that are often unexpectedly different than their public facades. Includes numerous quotes and reflections on self-doubt, motivation, risk taking, and everyday practices.”

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“...Longtime New York tv personality Bill Boggs (best-known of his 15 programs is 1970s/ 1980s host on the now-Fox-owned WNYW-TV's Midday Live), who has also been seen nationally on The Food Network, uses How I succeeded examples from Hearst Magazines president (since 1995) Black, Playboy Enterprises Inc. ceo (since 1988) Hefner, and those of 42 other celebs (from Mario Cuomo to Donald Trump and from Maria Bartiromo to Renée Zellweger). Though the suggestion from the Got What It Takes? book jacket is that everybody tells his or her story separately (meaning 44 chapters), what Boggs smartly does is integrate the celebs' ideas.”

The Monthly Review
of Cool Tools

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“...Whether it’s a reminder of a fact you’ve forgotten, emphasis on an idea you might've neglected, or a visionary new approach to achieving your goals, Boggs’ book is filled with insights and bread and butter advice. It's not only a great launching pad for those just entering the job market, but may even reinvigorate veterans who've lost their way.”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

“Veteran television talk-show host Bill Boggs examines the factors that have contributed to the success of 44 well-known people in arts and entertainment, sports, fashion, business, politics and other fields. Celebrities in the volume include Sir Richard Branson, Mario Cuomo, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Matt Lauer, Norman Lear, Jeff Lurie, Bill O'Reilly, Anna Quindlen, Brooke Shields, Joe Torre, Donald Trump, Diane von Furstenberg and Renee Zellweger. Boggs asks them to reflect on how they were helped or hindered by adversity, stress, misfortune, bad publicity and inner resources.”

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Raves & Waves!

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from FORBES.COM. Review by Tara Weiss
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"It's not a dense business book you have to force yourself to open. Boggs conducted 44 interviews with leaders across all industries and the result is an energizing, quick read that's full of interesting anecdotes about how the best of the best made it...the interviewees' stories are a fun read and a look into how average people became extraordinary....Required reading."

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"MARIA Bartiromo must be a man-eating tigress in the bedroom, based on her eye-popping quotes about getting ahead in life in a new book on personal growth by veteran TV personality Bill Boggs. "Stamina, for me, is just coming back and coming back and doing it again and again," the steel-clawed CNBC "Money Honey" pants in "Got What It Takes?" out next week from Collins Books. Bartiromo - who weathered a flap over her rides with a male Citibank exec on the bank's corporate jet by refusing to talk about it - also shares the mental tricks she uses to stay strong. "You have to be mentally tough," she says. "You must keep the finish line in focus . . . You call it emotional endurance." Boggs, who interviewed dozens of movers and shakers about how they made it to the top, also harvested these gems: * Donald Trump says sobriety is one key to success: "I don't drink alcohol, so I don't have impaired speech or make mistakes due to inebriation, and I don't have hangovers. I'm always ready for the next morning, seven days a week." * Matt Lauer tells Boggs that talent makes up just 40 percent of the equation for success, the other 60 percent being a combination of "luck, serendipity, timing, flukes." * Diane von Furstenberg likens success to good cooking, with luck and timing being important ingredients. "But at the end . . . it's like making a chocolate cake. You forget the sugar, it doesn't taste the same. You bake it too long, it doesn't taste the same." * Former Gov. Mario Cuomo says a good mantra for success is: "Just sit there and say to yourself, 'I've got a limited number of years. What do I want to do with them? Do I want to change the world? Do I want to have a family? Do I want to have fun? . . . Try thinking yourself into a commitment to some purpose. Just try it." * Novelist Anna Quindlen, who started her writing career as a reporter at The Post, said looks play no part in success: "I think I look like a generic woman . . . You know, no one looks at me and thinks, 'God, if I were thin and blond, I could write a best-selling novel, too.' "

Wednesday Gems: Interviewing Famous People Is Hard Work
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"Bill Boggs is too stinking successful. I mean it'd be easy to hate him if you were the jealous, petty type. Which I'm not. Really. Boggs was raised right here in Philadelphia, attended Lincoln High School and then the University of Pennsylvania. He came up through the same streets as you and I did, in other words. Except, he's gone much further. He's won four Emmy Awards, helped launch entire TV networks (Court TV), and has even sung in an off-Broadway hit called "Our Sinatra." In addition, he's a loyal and dedicated husband and father. He's like the guy from high school who becomes so successful that it lets the air out of every other "so what have you been up to" conversation at the reunion. Now, he's had the temerity to come out with a book called Got What It Takes? Successful People Reveal How They Made It To the Top. I jumped at the chance to interview Boggs when the opportunity presented itself. Lucky for him that I'm not the jealous, petty type..."



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"His message has been honed through
years of presenting his story, which conveys a clear picture of the struggles of getting from where you are to where you want to be. “The first thing I will talk about is the mountain they have to climb. You don’t go from A, your present state, to B, your goal, in a direct trajectory. You have to understand that you will make quantum leaps from plateau to plateau. By sharing my own personal story, which has some funny elements in it” (like Bill being accepted to the University of Pennsylvania for an ‘undergraduate’ program which turned out to be graduate school, forcing him into a four year wait). “Some of the setbacks that I had enabled me to be stronger so
everything comes out basically as a funny, entertaining and relevant talk about some of the same problems that any young person could face today.” Combine Bill’s own electric personality and one of a kind story with the wisdom of some of the most famous people in the world sprinkled in, and you have a great draw and a great
show on your hands."



“At the business lunch at LE CIRQUE, Boggs showed he had 'what it takes,' eliciting laughs, gasps and guffaws with ease as he treated guests to a riveting lecture cum motivational speech."



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“Bill Boggs believes in the power of storytelling, and has released a new book in the culled actual stories of highly successful people's lives— that are described as instructive in a way that a traditional self-help book—lifestyle coach or business person—can't really address. Boggs organized the material around central themes. There a common thread that the will to prevail based on believing in themselves, whether times for them were good or bad runs through all Boggs' collected success stories. In his book, Boggs shows the value of failure. It appears that people who don't fail much, don't take risks, do not learn coping skills needed in order to succeed big time. In a recent interview with dingbatmag.com, Boggs revealed the most difficult person he ever interviewed was the late actor Lee Marvin, "who was so ridiculously drunk, that he had to be helped both on and off the stage—and it was 1 o'clock in the afternoon. He didn't have much to say—wish I'd been with him for lunch, though." Many notable titans in their respective fields shared their thoughts about getting ahead in life in Boggs' personal growth book titled "Got What It Takes?" out next week from Collins Books.


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“It appears that Bartiromo offered up some “eye-popping quotes” about getting ahead in life in a new book on personal growth by veteran TV personality Bill Boggs. While it is uncertain what context Bartiromo’s quotes came in, Page 6 definitely has given the answers a sexual spin. “‘Stamina, for me, is just coming back and coming back and doing it again and again,’ Bartiromo pants in ’Got What It Takes?‘. The CNBC anchor, who weathered a backlash over reports of her ‘rides’ with a male Citibank exec on the bank’s corporate jet by refusing to talk about it - also shares the mental tricks she uses to stay strong. ‘You have to be mentally tough,’ she says. ‘You must keep the finish line in focus . . . You call it emotional endurance.’” ‘Got What It Takes?’ seems to be quite an interesting book.”


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